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The sole artistry that deals with the creation of a new life makes motherhood the best form of art under the Sun. Nature has blessed & trusted women with this beautiful gift. Follow the divine guidance and motherhood will blossom in all its glory.

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5 Main Reasons To Have This Book:

For a bright and beautiful future of your child
To avoid unnecessary expenses
To help prevent genetic diseases in the child
To steer clear of superstitions and misconceptions
To get practical and applicable guidance from child planning all the way till the child grows to be three
There are many questions and confusions ranging from pregnancy planning to throughout pregnancy and the first 3-4 years after the baby is born.
▪️When should planning be done?
▪️How to get started? What to take care of in the diet in which month?
▪️How to solve big and small mental and physical problems?
▪️What can be done for the excellent development of the baby in the womb?
▪️What to prepare at the time of delivery?
▪️How to take care of the baby after birth and how to solve the diseases that happen to it? etc.
The book has been written in such an engaging and simple way that everyone will find it to be an interesting book. It explains the science behind Garbh Sanskar in the easiest way possible. It offers the ideal practical guidance to newlywed couples and expecting parents among others. The book will prove to be your companion, best friend and an experienced mentor during the beautiful & profound journey.
The entire process of Garbh Sanskar can be divided into three stages which are all covered in the book, ‘𝗚𝗮𝗿𝗯𝗵𝗮 𝗦𝗮𝗻𝘀𝗸𝗮𝗿 – 𝗬𝗼𝘂 𝗥𝗲𝗮𝗽 𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗬𝗼𝘂 𝗦𝗼𝘄.’
✅ Before Pregnancy:
  • In-depth explanation of factors like the right time, season, copulation positions, feelings as well as emotions ideal for conception.
  • Provides complete understanding of various physical ailments and complications likely to arise during pregnancy and their home remedies.

✅ During Pregnancy:

  • Covers elements outlining monthly care and precautions for the expectant mother, including the perfect diet and much more.
  • Guidelines on how to aim for a normal delivery.
  • An interesting workbook section where you can note down your daily activities for nine months.
  • Guidance on pregnancy diet, antenatal care, Yoga & Pranayama.

✅ During & Post Delivery:

  • A complete guide to labour.
  • Steps on how to take care of the newborn and home remedies for day-to-day difficulties faced by the baby.
  • in-depth knowledge about various diseases the newborn could possibly suffer with and trusted home remedies.
  • Early signs of labour, postnatal care (Sutika Paricharya), breast feeding, Sanskars for the newborn, neonatal care, infant’s diet, common neonatal illnesses and cures.

About the Author

Dr. Devangi Jogal – (M.D. Ayurveda)
Dr. Jogal is an Ayurveda expert and scholar, she has been successfully running Jogi Ayurveda Hospital in Surat, Gujarat for the last  years. It is a leading hospital offering pure Ayurvedic treatments, Panchkarma and advanced Garbh Sanskar practices. She is actively spreading awareness about Garbh Sanskar through seminars and workshops. She has authored multiple bestselling books in the field of Ayurveda and well-being.

Nilesh Jogal – (Founder, Jogi Ayurveda Hospital)
On top of being a chemical engineer, Nilesh Jogal takes an immense interest in Ayurveda and Garbh Sanskar. He is founder and director of Jogi Ayurveda Hospital. In quest of introducing the science of Garbh Sanskar to every household, he conducts various seminars & workshops. Furthermore, he runs fertilit and Garbh Sanskar centrers.

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64 Reviews For This Product

  1. 63

    by pritesh raiyani

    This book is very helpful and informative for a pre-pregnancy and during the pregnancy.Thanks

  2. 63

    by Divya Parikh

    Good content …definitely recommended for pregnant women

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  4. 63

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    Very usefulOn time deliveryGood packingGot 1 FREE Book by uti publication which is also good one.

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  6. 63

    by Poonam kachhadiya

    Nice book

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  8. 63


    Nice Book

  9. 63

    by Ashish

    I m working last 10 year for Medical field. I have never seen before “Garbh Sanskar” subject very easily digested and informative for a pre-pregnancy and during the pregnancy, this type of book.Thanks a lot to writer for written such wonderful book.Thanks Entire Team for behind Great working.

  10. 63

    by Sanjay m parekh

    Super of Book

  11. 63

    by divyesh

    Good Book, Worthy to buy.

  12. 63

    by Shailesh

    nice book

  13. 63

    by NishaTalaviya

    Books packing are very good,i read books some main point it’s are very good so i m highly recomended purchese this book each one who needed specialy. 

  14. 63

    by Gadhiya Anil

    Good product

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  15. 63

    by Ambaliya Shailesh

    Awesome product

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  16. 63

    by Hardik kumar

    Great information about garbh sanskar

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  17. 63

    by Jaimin v thakkar

    Awesome it’s good book for pregnant lady for knowledge and experience.

  18. 63

    by NehulSinh


  19. 63

    by nirvi marjadi

    Good, helpful book.

  20. 63

    by Pritesh vasava

    very good book

  21. 63

    by Yuvrajsinh Vala

    Great book. A pregnant woman must have this.

  22. 63


    Recommended gud book details knowledge share for each n every question for dream of parents and garbhsanskarGo for it

  23. 63

    by Kunal Mehta

    This book is great and have lot of information related to new born.

  24. 63

    by Sunny

    Its very helpful book, pregnant couple must read this.

  25. 63



  26. 63

    by raijada Rajeshwariba hemubha

    Good book for everyone

  27. 63

    by jitendra


  28. 63

    by Zala bhavesh r

    V good

  29. 63

    by Ravi Thumar

    It is really an important book on Garbh Sanskar. The information given in the book is really good and useful

  30. 63

    by Bharat Vithlapara

    It is very nice book. Everyone should read this book.Seller review is very good. They delivered ver fast and after delivery they have asked about their service and product. Thats very nice

  31. 63

    by Ankit Ghori


  32. 63

    by Bhoomi Raval

    This book is really too good for a great baby planning….must read a parents to be…and also very useful for after delivery too..

  33. 63

    by Nisarg Patel

    Good content

  34. 63

    by Rajnikant Patel

    Really Nice Book

  35. 63

    by Brijesh P.

    Usefull information

  36. 63

    by brijesh patel

    Book is very helpful….and very good

  37. 63

    by Reviewer

    The book is having really a good content with pictures. Myyuti has delivered this one day before the actual day of delivery.

    2 people found this helpful
  38. 63

    by Amazon Customer

    Each page of this book is invaluable.. This will help you to get a child of your dream. Both the writers of this book did great job, researched a lot, experienced and share this knowledge with us.. All the aspirant parents must read this book..

    3 people found this helpful
  39. 63

    by Amazon Customer

    It’s very nice book. I like it very much…

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  40. 63

    by Chirag patel

    Great book must buy

  41. 63

    by Pratik movaliya

    Amazing 😍 Book

  42. 63

    by Dipanshi Shastri

    I had heard about this book from a friend. This is really a good book for those who are seeking genuine guidance regarding bringing up a healthy child. This book helps not only about pregnancy but also after the child is born. The printing quality and the content is extremely good.We are very happy to have this book. It is worth gifting to our family and friends who are planning a baby.

    4 people found this helpful
  43. 63


    Must buy this book for those who planning for Baby & also good for Pragnent women. T

  44. 63

    by Jay Sheth

    Very good book

  45. 63

    by Hiral Chikani

    Gud product

  46. 63

    by prima savaliya


  47. 63

    by Adv. Krunal Patel

    Perfect for 16 sanskar

  48. 63

    by Dhaval

    Good book.but I buy it lateBuy it when you plan for baby.

  49. 63

    by Amit Patel

    Very useful things for mindset after and before pregnancy..

  50. 63

    by pratik soni

    Good content and quality pages (like a megazine)

  51. 63

    by jatinkanjariy

    Must read

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    by Sunny Zalavadiya

    This book is very useful and informative .Thanks Myyuti for 2 day earlier delivery.Also thankful to author for sharing your valuable knowledge….

  53. 63


    Best book ever 👍👍👍

  54. 63

    by Gohil jankiba


  55. 63

    by Yogesh Soni

    This book is very helpful and informative for a pre-pregnancy and during the pregnancy.Thanks a lot to writer for written such wonderful book.And Thanks to Myyuti for very fast delivery before expected. 

  56. 63

    by Paras Jadav

    The only thing is needed before/ duringand after pregnancy is the book Garbhasanskar.Words are not enough to write the reviews. Buy the book for the experience.It is the best!

  57. 63

    by vzvish91

    Really useful during pregnancy

  58. 63

    by Karishma Koladiya

    Nice book….very helpful…..

  59. 63

    by Rahul Makwana

    Complete guide from one to last month

  60. 63


    everyone should read this book before baby planing, best information….best book for best baby, baby by planing not by chance

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  61. 63

    by Shivangi Dave

    Very good product, I like it

  62. 63

    by Hitesh

    Must read book before planning to have baby and also during pregnancy

  63. by Dhrupal

    Bought Garbh Sanskar English Book. Covers all phases when we plan , Before, During and After Pregnancy. Covers month wise diet, simple deep breathing Yoga exercises, explains Do’s and Dont’s with proper explanation. Its Really Good Book. Overall if u believe in Ayurveda and Garbh Sanskar, these remedies and exercises can help reduce some pills advised for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. A great pregnancy guide which I’ve already advised to my 2-5 colleagues / friends.

  64. 63

    by Akash


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